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Creativity, Action and Service

What is CAS?

CAS is a core part of the IB diploma and stands for Creativity, Action and Service. It encourages students to be creative, active and keen to serve others. Creativity involves the arts and other experiences that involve creative thinking. Action is the physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Service is any unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit and the rights, dignity and autonomy of all those involved are respected.

In CAS the emphasis is on experiential learning through participation in meaningful, real-world activities. Students engage in creative, active and community service activities of their own choosing and reflect on these activities through the lens of eight learning outcomes.

CAS is Experiential Learning

CAS is a form of experiential learning. This type of learning places the student, at the center and asks to plan, act, observe and reflect.

Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program