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Sports Test: There are two separate sports test days; one is for the junior high students and the other one is for senior high students. Students who miss this test will have to do it on special set days. The P.E. teachers are the main organizers of this event.

Bazaar: This is one of the major events of the school where parents are the main organizers. Groups of parents, students and teachers will set-up special booths that sell food, clothing, handmade products and other items. The main aim of this event is to raise funds for special school projects. This event is open to the community.

SH Sports Game: This is a whole day event in which SH girls will have a volleyball competition and the SH Boys will play mini-soccer.

JH Sketch Day: This is a whole day affair in which JH students will visit a place to draw, sketch or paint. The students are supervised by their homeroom teachers, school heads and some subject teachers.

DP Art Evaluation: DP art students are required to showcase their artwork in the exhibition. A DP art examiner will visit the school on this day to mark the students’ work and interview the art students. The school community is welcome to view the exhibit in the afternoon.

JH2/ SH2 School trip: Annually, the JH2 students visit for Singapore while the SH2 students go to Hokkaido for three to four days. Typically, these trips are organized on the last week of October.

JH1 Camp: During the week when the JH2 and SH2 are away on a school excursion, the JH1 students have a three-day study camp.

JH3 field trip: All JH3 students will go to Fujikyu Highland for a day. This is one of the most memorable trips for the JH3 students since it is their last trip together in the junior high.

AFS students: AFS stands for American Field Service and is an international organization that provides opportunities for intercultural activities. Gyoshu hosts a number of students for home stay and to attending classes.

Art Appreciation: On this day all JH1 to SH2 students and teachers will watch a performance in a cultural center. Usually classes are held only up to third period and students will have an early lunch. Students and teachers will commute by bicycles, by bus and private transportation.

Karuta: In the junior high, students memorize 100 Japanese poems. On this day, students are grouped into teams and will play against other teams in each round. Parts of the poem are written on cards that are spread out on the floor.

Music Concert/ Art exhibition: The music classes will have a variety of presentations during this half-day event. This event gives students an opportunity to showcase their musical talent and is usually honored by a special performer. The gymnasium is also be adorned with art pieces by the art students. Parents are invited to watch this spectacular event. This is regularly done a day before the closing ceremony in December.
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