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Term 3

JH Ball Game: This whole day activity takes place after the junior high students are finished with the term three final exams. JH girls will play volleyball at the gym while JH boys will play futsal at the school grounds.

MYP Exhibition: Students will showcase class projects in science, arts, math and technology. The highlight of this exhibition will be the MYP personal project display done by the Grade 10 students. Students will also participate in debates and give persuasive speeches.

Group 4 Science Project: The 2Z students are required to do a collaborative activity called the group 4 project. This activity is done after the term three exams. Students spend a day carrying out their self-designed experiments. Other activities such as planning, evaluation and presentation are spread out over a number of days.

Iowa Trip: The JH1 and SH1 students spend about 24 days in Iowa in March each year. Each student stays with a family in Iowa and goes to an American junior or senior high school. The SH1 extends their trip a few days to travel to San Francisco, Vancouver or Boston to visit universities in that area.
Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program