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Jr. & Sr. High Bilingual Course Description (Gr 7-12)

Middle Years Programme

Diploma Programme

School Calendar & Events

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The Path taken by IB Students

Gyoshu Calendar and Activities

Ceremonies and Assemblies

After School Activities

Saturday Activities

The Junior and Senior High School is in session Saturday mornings about twice a month. Activities may vary on Saturdays when classes are held and may vary by grade level as well. Typical activities may include: regular classes activities, grade level activities, and school events (such as School Foundation Day, Festivals and Bazaar, Class Observation Day, Open School, and Entrance Exams.)

Parent/ Teacher/ Student Conferences

General meetings will be held at the beginning of the school year, where information about the classes and other issues related to the IB are discussed.

Each grade has Parent-Student-Teacher conferences after final examinations for each term. Some students are interviewed individually with the homeroom teachers and directors when necessary.

Grade Level Visits

Each year, Gyoshu hosts Grade Six and Grade Nine students who then have the opportunity experience lessons in the Bilingual Program at Gyoshu. Students get to experience lessons in English, Japanese and Math. The Bilingual Program is responsible for providing one English class on this day to students who wish to experience an English immersion style lesson. The Grade 9 Visit is traditionally held in September on a Saturday morning. The Grade 6 Visit is traditionally held in November on a Saturday morning.


Each term students take two exams (mid-term and final exam), except for term 3 wherein students take only one exam, for all of their subjects. The duration, examination content and style are determined by the subject teacher. The junior high exams are usually a 60 minute exam while the senior high exam can be up to 120 minutes. The exams are spread in a 3 or 4 half- day schedule

Junior High and Senior High Entrance Exams

Gyoshu offers entrance exams for Junior High School in January and for Senior High School in February. All entrance exam candidates generally sit the exams at Gyoshu, on the same day. Candidates take Japanese, English and Math entrance exams, and the Bilingual Program is responsible for creating, supervising and grading the English exams for Bilingual Program candidates.

The Junior High School English Entrance exam consists of Listening, Reading and Writing sections. In addition, on Junior High Entrance exam day, Bilingual Program candidates along with their parents have an interview as part of their application process. The students are expected to answer a series of questions in English. Their parents will answer questions in Japanese.

The Senior High School English Entrance exam consists of Reading, Grammar/Lexis and Writing sections. There is generally no spoken interview as part of the Senior High School entrance process.

Vocabulary Contests (VC)

All Gyoshu Junior High students participate in a series of tests on English vocabulary known as “Vocabulary contests”. Junior High Bilingual students sit different versions of the tests that are created and graded by the Bilingual Program English teachers. The tests are comprised of questions on the vocabulary terms the students learned in the previous weeks. Students’ Vocabulary Contest grades are reported on their report card each term.

Achievement Tests and Others

Emergency Disaster Procedures

Every now and then we have emergency disaster drills in case of an earthquake or fire. During the drills students must take it seriously and go out to the school ground promptly. Their names and the numbers of the students are checked and evacuation groups are formed once all the students have gathered outside. The school has some provisions and blankets for those who cannot go home and have to stay at school till their parents come to take them home.

Committee Meetings

All students are part of different school wide committees such as Class Representatives Committee, Library Committee, School Discipline Committee, Cleaning Committee, Health Committee and others. Meetings are held every first Monday of the month during the 7th period. Short homeroom will take place before the 7th period. Classes that are regularly scheduled on this period will have make-up classes on Saturdays.
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