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About Us

School Without Walls

Our school motto "A school without walls" reflects the interdependence and interconnection we share with the rest of the world. Learning through the medium of two languages (English & Japanese), our students obtain an understanding not only to their own culture, but also that of other cultures and countries.
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Elementary Program Description

Students who enroll in our school have two course options: The Open Plan Program or the English Immersion Program.
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Curriculum Overview

The English Immersion Program at the elementary school is an early partial language immersion program. Approximately 50% ? 60% of the students’ instructional day is conducted in English. In grades 1-6 all English Language Arts, Math, Science and Life Studies classes are taught in English.
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Curriculum by Subject

US Trip

Every October the Grade 5 students take an approximately16 day trip to the USA.
The first four days are spent camping in Zion Canyon in Utah. The last 9-10 days are spent with a host family in Beaverton / Portland area in Oregon.
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Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program