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Term 1

Spring Fieldtrip: Each grade level visits a place outside of Numazu for a day. Teachers and students usually meet at the north side of Numazu station to take either a bus or a train.

School Foundation Day: The students and teachers gather at the gym for an assembly. An alumnus is invited to give a speech.

East-West Student Meeting: The students are divided into two teams- east and west. Each team will assign members to compete in the different events on Sports Day.

Health/ Medical Checks: A series of health examinations are organized in April and May by the school nurse. Some examinations include eye check, urine test and an internal test.

Gyoshu Festival (Cultural Day and Sports Day): Other countries might call this an intramural event. The Cultural Day is a day where students are the main organizers of events. On this day, students will set-up diverse booths, run a variety show displaying Gyoshu talent, Brass Band concert, Music concerts and others. The Sports Day consists of numerous unique games participated by both students and teachers. Other highlights of this day are the girls’ Cheering Dance and boys’ Drumming Dance by the East and West teams. The two days are open to the community.

DP Mock Examination: This is for Grade 12 students and is done towards the end of term 1. Students will spend a number of days where they will take past paper DP examinations.

BL Summer School: This is divided into two parts. The first part of the summer school is typically done after the closing ceremony in July. Senior high classes are organized on these days. The second part is done at the last week of August. The MYP students (grades 9 & 10) have a summer camp where activities are organized to focus on the five Areas of Interaction in the MYP. The DP students have special classes at the school during this week.
Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program