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Is the English Immersion & Bilingual Program for me?

What is the difference between the English Immersion & Bilingual Program and an International School?

There are a number of differences between the Bilingual Program option at Gyoshu and other international schools in Japan. The major differences can be grouped under four general categories:

What’s the difference between the Elementary Immersion Program and the Bilingual Program at Gyoshu Junior & Senior High School?

There is a significant increase in the level of content, language and commitment required of students at the junior high school. Not only is the content much more difficult but the level of English used at the junior high level is much more challenging as well. The reading difficulty of the textbooks is higher and the amount of reading and writing students must do in the program is greater.

Students are also expected to be more independent and responsible for their progress in the course. Students should be well on their way towards developing good independent study habits.

Because of the greater demands of the program, student motivation becomes a key factor in their success in the program. Students without clear reasons for remaining in the program or who are not strongly motivated to further develop their English language skills may find the course extremely difficult.

What is the relationship between the Bilingual Program and the Core Program at Gyoshu Junior & Senior High School?

There are a number of similarities and differences between the Bilingual Program and the other two course options at Gyoshu (Core Course and Alpha Course). The Bilingual Program follows the same curriculum guidelines and covers the same basic content as the regular Gyoshu program. Within this curriculum framework, the philosophy and characteristics of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) is incorporated into the grade 7-10 program. The incorporation of the MYP can be accomplished because of the flexibility of the MYP program and because the content of Gyoshu’s regular curriculum and the major areas of the MYP program overlap.

An obvious difference between the programs is that a significant amount of the classes are conducted in English. The classes taught in English are conducted by licensed and experienced English speaking teachers from around the world. In the Bilingual Program students have two homeroom teachers?one Japanese and one foreign. Many of the Japanese Ministry of Education approved textbooks are translated into English and students have access to both the English and Japanese versions for their studies.

Regular (weekly) opportunities to review scientific and mathematical terminology in Japanese are provided for the students. In addition to the content classes taught in English, students also have supplement classes once a week to review material and technical vocabulary in Japanese. Students receive on-going assessments in both English and Japanese to ensure that students are maintaining the same level of academic achievement as students in the other courses at Gyoshu.

There are a number of differences between the Bilingual Program and the other Gyoshu courses. Information and communication technology is an important part of the Bilingual Program and takes a more significant place in the overall program than in the other courses offered at Gyoshu. Greater integration of content disciplines, more frequent opportunities for self-expression and greater emphasis on independent research skills are also important distinctions between the programs. There is also a greater emphasis on learning to take risks, actively participate in classes, and using higher order thinking skills.

Students who hope to continue in the program at the high school level are also encouraged to participate in a 3½ week exchange program abroad in grade 7. This is a program only offered to students in the Bilingual Program.
Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program