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Important: We have two campuses.

How to get from Narita International Airport to Numazu

You have two options for getting to our school from Narita Airport: Bus or Train.

1. By Bus:

You an take a bus from Narita Airport to Numazu Station. Two bus lines operate to Numazu (Keisei & Fuujikyu) and there are four departures everyday. The trip is about 3 hours. From Numazu Station you can take a taxi to the school. (see below). Bus timetable:
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2. By Train:

Go to the Narita Express ticket counter and buy your ticket to Mishima*. You will need two tickets:

You can buy both these tickets at this counter. Cost for both tickets is approximately ¥7,000. After buying the tickets go down the escalator and follow the signs to the Narita Express train platform.

Narita Airport  →  Shinagawa [Narita Express]    
    Shinagawa  →  Mishima [Kodama Shinkansen]
      Mishima  →  Numazu (Katoh School)

How to get from Tokyo station to Katoh Gakuen

Take a KODAMA Shinkansen train from Tokyo Station to Mishima station. The trip to Mishima is about 1 hour (the 5th stop out of Tokyo on the Kodama). From Mishima Station take a taxi to the school.

Taxi from Mishima or Numazu Station

If you are going to the kindergarten or elementary school is on the Jiyugaoka Campus) Tell the driver you want to go to "Katoh Gakuen no Yochien." You will be taken to the gate next to our kindergarten. Press the security gate button and give your name to unlock the gate.The kindergarten will be on your right. The elementary school is straight ahead, at the end of the short drive beyond the gate.
Gyoshu Junior / Senior High School is on a different campus. If you are going to Gyoshu ask the driver to take you to "Gyoshu Koko" (be sure you emphasize Gyoshu so that the driver doesn't confuse your designation with Katoh Gakuen Koko, one of our other high schools on a different campus).

Kindergarten: 055-921-4805
Elementary: 055-926-0522
Gyoshu Jr / Sr High School: 055 -924-3322

Google Map (centered on school)

Katoh Kindergarten & Katoh Elementary School


Gyoshu Jr. & Sr. High School

Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program