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Elementary School Events

Shigyoshiki & Shuugyoshiki (Opening & Closing Ceremonies)

These are formal events to mark the beginning and ending of each of the three school terms in a year. The Entrance Ceremony (for new first graders and new transfer students is the day after the Opening Ceremony at the beginning of the school year.

Bulldog Hike in Hakone National Park

This hike gives students a chance to experience how people during the Edo period traveled. There were 53 stations between Kyoto and Tokyo including Odawara, Hakone and Mishima. On this bulldog hike day parents, students and teachers start walking from sunrise toward Mishima station on this trail.

Undou Kai (Sports Meet)

This sports event is traditional in Japanese schools. This event requires a lot of coordination and immersion teachers take part in the planning and preparation of the activities. The event is usually held on a Saturday or Sunday so that the fathers can join in the fun.

Sankanbi (Parents Observation Day)

Throughout the school year there are several parent observations scheduled. During this time, the parents come and observe their child in a ‘typical’ class, usually for a 45-minute period. After the observation the teachers have an opportunity to meet with the parents.

Mensetsu (Parent Conferences)

Conferences are held twice a year (June and November).

Richmond School Visit

A group of Japanese immersion students from Richmond Elementary School in Portland, Oregon - a Japanese Immersion school visits our school in July.

Book Fair

We hold a Book Fair two or three times a year where students and parents have an opportunity to purchase English language books.

Family Time Events

There are at least six main ‘family’ events in a year where students from all six grades are mixed together to form small multi-grade ‘family’ groups. The Grade 6 students lead the activities. Typical events are:
Welcoming Grade 1: April Tanabata (Star) Festival: July
Christmas: December New Year: January
Setsubun (Bean Throwing): Feb. Farewell to Grade 6: March

Fun Fridays

Students gather in their family groups and eat lunch together and enjoy a fun activity together in English.

Buddy Reading

Upper grade classes visit the lower primary classes once a week during morning meeting to read with their ‘buddies.’

Kogai Gakushu (School Excursion)

Each class organizes a one-day excursion during the school year. The destination of the trip is determined by the teachers at each grade level.

US Trip

Grade five students travel to the US and spend 3 - 4 days in Utah camping and about 10 ?12 days in the Portland, Oregon area with host families and attend area schools during their visit.

English Speech Contest

All students participate in a grade level English speech contest each year. Winners from each class participate in a school wide contest.

English Spelling Bee

Grades 3 through 6 participate in the USA Scripps National Spelling Bee Contest held every spring.


This is a parent-organized event held the last Sunday of October to raise money for the school.

ASIJ Visits

Student exchange with our sister school in Tokyo (American School in Japan).

Kindergarten Collaboration Projects

Children from the kindergarten visit the elementary several times a year and participate in cooperative learning activities with students in the elementary school.

Open House

This is an end of the school year event to showcase various student projects and is intended to be a “culminating” activity for the year.


The elementary graduation ceremony is a major event in the life of the students and parents.

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