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Program Description


Thematic Instruction

Daily Schedule



Kindergarten Daily Schedule

The day is generally divided into five blocks ? morning centers, morning meeting & main activity, lunch and free play, afternoon activity, and afternoon centers. A typical day’s schedule:


Morning Centers
Morning Meeting & Main Activity
Lunch & Outside Play
Afternoon Activity & Closing Meeting
Afternoon Centers

Morning Centers: Children come into the classroom and check-in with the teacher for attendance expressing greetings and basic vocabulary. Children change clothes and begin to move around the morning centers. The centers include ? Art, Science & Discovery, Math, Pretend-Play, Language, and Blocks and Puzzles.

Morning Meeting & Main Activity begins with a teacher or student led circle or calendar time that discusses the day’s weather and events. Children sing songs, dance, and review past language learned. Main Activity provides a focus on English and is centered around thematic units of instruction often culminating in a major school event.

Lunch & Outside Play provides children with the opportunity to help and set up the classroom for lunch. Classroom helpers lead lunchtime song of gratitude before the children begin eating. All children are held responsible for cleaning up their lunch area and putting away their belongings appropriately.

Afternoon Activity & Closing Meeting takes place after lunch recess. During this time the children return to activities that extend the morning main activity often with shared reading of literature and the singing of songs related to the theme of study. Closing Meeting is an opportunity to thank the helpers for the day and announce the helpers for tomorrow. We also review the learning of the day and preview upcoming activities.

Afternoon Centers offers the children an extended time to explore and manipulate age appropriate leaning materials and crafts.
Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program