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Program Description


Thematic Instruction

Daily Schedule



Integrated Thematic Instruction

The kindergarten immersion program is a 50% partial English Immersion program where the children spend approximately 50% of their time at the kindergarten in an English-speaking environment. Areas of the school or specific times of the daily schedule may be designated as “English Only” where teachers only use English.

The theme-based curriculum is designed to promote personal, social, emotional and physical development, as well as basic numeracy and problem solving skills. Class activities in both the Japanese and English classes are based on a thematic approach and this theme is the same on both the Japanese and English sides. Although the theme may be the same, activities are not taught twice. Instead, each grade level team determines which activities within the theme will be completed in English and which will be done in Japanese.

As we are a dual language kindergarten we place particular emphasis on both Japanese and English language development and pre-literacy skills. Our goal is to provide a high-quality learning environment in English that is fun and engaging leading to a joyful kindergarten experience.

Some themes we use to organize and integrate instruction include:

All About Me and You
The World Around Us
Express Yourself!
Sharing the Earth with Others

The content of the themes aim to maintain high student motivation and the activities are organized around the needs and interests of the students. The themes provide a context and a focus for language learning rich in literature and music. Our thematic approach provides children with content knowledge along with opportunities to hear, speak and interact in an engaging and playful context.
Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program