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Junior & Senior High

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Elementary Admission for Returnees

Elementary Admissions Guidelines for Returnee Students

Prerequisites for Application
  • 入学(編入)予定時点で、日本の学年で小学校1年から5年までの学年にあること。
    A student who has reached or will reach the Japanese school age of Grade 1 to Grade 5 at the point of his/her expected entrance/transfer day.
  • 該当クラスの定員に空があり、帰国子女、あるいは、同等の英語レベル保持者のみ受け付けます。初等学校事務室にお問い合わせください。
    Applications will be accepted only if there is a vacancy. Please contact the elementary office for availability.
Examination Date
  • 随時(願書受付後、選考日を決定)
    As needed. (After the application form is submitted, an examination date will be determined.)
Examination Contents
  • 該当学年国語(漢字テスト含む)・日本語算数の学力テスト(各40分) 各テストで編入学年相当の国語力・算数力があることが編入学条件。
    The relevant grade level Japanese including Kanji and Japanese Math Unit Tests (40 minutes each). The test results must demonstrate that the student is at grade level in both Japanese and math.
  • クラス体験入学 (約2時間)
    Participate in two lessons (about 2 hours)
  • 英語面接(児童)
    Interview in English (student)
  • 面接(保護者)
    Interview (his/her guardian(s))
  • 書類審査
    Application documents (See below)
Application Documents
  • 入学(編入学)願書
    Entrance/Transfer Application Form
  • 在学校の成績証明
    Transcript from the previous/current school
  • 在学校教員の推薦書
    Reference(s) from a teacher(s) or principal from the current/previous school
Examination Fee
10,000 yen
Result Announcement
  • 試験実施後1週間以内に郵送で通知いたします。
    The result will be sent to the applicant by mail within one week of the test date.

電話 Phone: + 81-55-922-0720 (Elementary Front Office)
+ 81-55-926-0522 (Immersion Office)
Katoh Gakuen English Immersion/Bilingual Program