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International Trips

USA Trip in Grade 5

Every October the Grade 5 students take about an 18 day trip to the USA.

The first four days are spent camping in Zion Canyon in Utah. The last two weeks are spent with a host family in Beaverton / Portland area in Oregon. Students are paired with other Grade 5 students in the area and spend their homestay with their buddy's family. They go to school with their buddy and participate in classes with their buddy.

Beaverton Classroom

Zion Camp Horse Back Riding

Zion Camp Canyon & Students
Goals and Purpose of the Trip

  • Linguistic:
    • Students will learn to understand and participate in English in classroom activities / instruction.
    • Students will communicate in English with American peers their same age in authentic settings.
  • Cultural:
    • Students will gain a better understanding of American society / culture and develop deeper tolerance and respect for differences and other ways of thinking.
    • Awaken students curiosity about the world and broaden personal horizons.
  • Independent Growth:
    • Students will develop a greater sense of independence, maturity and self-confidence.
    • Students will learn patience & flexibility.